Australia holds a unique place in the global scheme of fandom. Much of the media consumed by Australian audiences originates from either the United States or the United Kingdom, yet several Australian productions have also attracted international fans in their own right. This first-ever academic study of Australian fandom explores the national popular culture scene through themes of localization and globalization.

The essays within reveal how Australian audiences often seek authentic imports and eagerly embrace different cultures, examining both Hollywood’s influence on Australian fandom and Australian fan reactions to non-Western content. By shining a spotlight on Australian fandom, this book not only provides an important case study for fan studies scholars, it also helps add nuance to a field whose current literature is predominantly U.S. and U.K. focused.

“There is little sustained discussion of media fandom in an Australian context, as much work coming out of the region tends to focus on reception studies. The chapters in this collection are a good starting point for a glimpse into how fandom is perceived and performed in Australia and its neighboring regions.”—Bertha Chin, Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak
“In Aussie Fans, Celia Lam and Jackie Raphael have assembled a wide-reaching collection of perspectives on fans and fandom in their many Australian flavors. From NeighboursOffspring, and other iconic Australian shows with their own dedicated global followings to Australian fans of K-pop, cosplay, and, of course, Game of Thrones, this book shows the diversity, depth, and dedication of Australian fans. This book speaks to fans, scholars, and everyone else interested in enjoying a national perspective on global fan phenomena!”—Tama Leaver, Curtin University

Kate Ames, Ahmet Atay, Jessica Carniel, Toija Cinque, Ian Dixon, Leigh Edmonds, Sharon Elkind, Jacqui Ewart, Lincoln Geraghty, Sarah Keith, Emerald L. King, Renee Middlemost

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