In this first-ever comprehensive examination of queerbaiting, fan studies scholar Joseph Brennan and his contributors examine cases that shed light on the sometimes exploitative industry practice of teasing homoerotic possibilities that, while hinted at, never materialize in the program narratives. Through a nuanced approach that accounts for both the history of queer representation and older fan traditions, these essayists examine the phenomenon of queerbaiting across popular TV, video games, children’s programs, and more. 

“As the first book to analyze queerbaiting, undoubtedly a sign of the times, Joseph Brennan’s edited collection makes a vital, energizing contribution to fan studies—and beyond—by skillfully addressing advocacy, history, and complexity. Queerbaiting and Fandom explores high-profile case studies such as SupernaturalSherlock, and Harry Potter. HoYay may belong to older fan traditions, but this is AcYay happening right here: ‘Academic brilliance, Yay!’”—Matt Hills, author, Fan Cultures 

Queerbaiting and Fandom is an important and timely volume that belongs in the library of every fan studies scholar.”—Megan Condis, author, Gaming Masculinity: Trolls, Fake Geeks, and the Gendered Battle for Online Culture (Iowa, 2018)

“[Queerbaiting and Fandom] is ideal for people who are new to the subject as well as media and reception studies scholars.”—The Journal of Popular Culture 

“. . . . timely and incisive perspectives on a central node of contemporary queer, fan media criticism. From the editor’s dedication to his husband (“we’re canon, baby”) to the last short “thought piece” on queerness in Eurovision (camp, kisses, and post-Soviet geopolitics!), the collection is smart, to the point, and as queer as its subject matter refuses to be.”—The Velvet Light Trap 

“I consider this a valuable, readable and thought-provoking volume which should be widely utilized by scholars of fan culture and queer media.”—Judith Fathallah, author, Emo: How Fans Defined a Subculture (Iowa, 2020)

Evangeline Aguas, Christoffer Bagger, Bridget Blodgett, Cassie Brummitt, Leyre Carcas, Jessica Carniel, Jennifer Duggan, Monique Franklin, Divya Garg, Danielle S. Girard, Mary Ingram-Waters, Hannah McCann, Michael McDermott, E. J. Nielsen, Emma Nordin, Holly Eva Katherine Randell-Moon, Emily E. Roach, Anastasia Salter, Elisabeth Schneider, Kieran Sellars, Isabela Silva, Guillaume Sirois, Clare Southerton

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