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In Journey into Personhood Ruth Webb tells the story of an individual born with severe cerebral palsy who struggles to become a person in her own eyes as well as in the opinion of those around her. By developing both the inner ability to learn, live, and work independently and the outer ability to convince others to give her the freedom to do so—physically and emotionally—Webb earned her Ph.D. in counseling and guidance. With that validation of her intelligence and competence, she entered upon a fulfilling career working with mentally retarded people and other people with disabilities.

“This fascinating story of very human, often traumatic experiences along life's pathway not only amuses and instructs but leads us to reconsider and reflect on our own journey.”—Dr. Wilga M. Rivers
“Warning! Reading this book will leave you with a new appreciation for the intense emotion-laden meaning some of our sisters and brothers attach to words like acceptability, accessibility, and opportunity.”—Reverend Charles L. Briem
“Ruth Webb's account of her life journey both boggles the mind and stretches the soul.”—Reverend Michael D. Smith
“…a deeply personal insight into the daily struggles of a remarkable woman.”—Dr. J. A. Wehr
“Ruth Webb persevered in her journey toward personhood, and what a person she is! After you meet her in these pages, you will stand taller before the storms of your own life.”—Dr. Joseph P. Bishop

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