What is the influencer lifestyle? How do influencers win their fight for relevance and create a brand that catches fire, while still leading an authentic, healthy life? Influencing is a business built around likes and hate, which can take a huge psychological toll on those who choose to play the game. An Influencer’s World pulls back the curtain and shines a light on the often-misunderstood realities of this dynamic industry. Featuring dozens of interviews with trending influencers, CEOs, leading industry insiders, brands, mental health professionals, and celebrities, this book provides an unconventional look at both the business side of influencing and the personal lives of influencers and creators.

“The influencer space is always changing, but a few things stay the same. I share my tips and tricks, insights, and horror stories in this book.”—Perez Hilton,

“This book uncovers the highs and the lows of influencing, and everything in between. The inclusion of strong, diverse voices lends it an edge. It is insightful, inspiring, provides many real-life examples, and draws upon the work and experiences of influencers from various fields. A must-read to understand and learn more about the growing, disruptive influencer industry.”—Aditi Oberoi Malhotra, fashion/beauty influencer, CEO/founder

An Influencer’s World is a fun, fascinating, and informative exploration of a strange new world that has exploded onto the scene in recent years. Filled with captivating interviews with some of today’s biggest influencers, it is a great book for those wishing to be in the know about this tech generation.”—Mike Brooks, author, Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World

“. . . casts a spotlight on not only the bright facets but also the shadows lurking within the social media influencer industry, such as cyberbullying, low self-esteem, discrimination, and algorithmic biases. . . .  an accessible guide for anyone intrigued by the dynamics of social media and its content creators.”—Choice


Isabella Avila (17.7m on TikTok)

Jacques Bastien (cofounder, SHADE)

Mark Cuban (8.6m on Twitter)

Mary Fitzgerald (1.8m on Instagram)

GloZell Green (4.6m on YouTube)

Tim Karsliyev (1.7m on Instagram)

Kevin Kreider (431k on Instagram)

Max Levine (cofounder, Amp Studios)

Cindy Pham (468k on YouTube)

Michael Schweiger (CEO, Central Entertainment Group)

LaToya Shambo (CEO/founder, Black Girl Digital)

Joshua Suarez (14.4m on TikTok)

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