Celebrities depend upon fans to sustain their popularity and livelihood, and fans are happy to oblige. With social media they can follow their favorite (or least favorite) celebrities’ every move, and get glimpses into their lives, homes, and behind-the-scenes work. Fans interact with celebrities now more than ever, and often feel that they have a claim on their time, attention, and accountability. In Fame and Fandom, the contributors examine this tumultuous dynamic and bring together celebrity studies and fan studies like never before. 

In case studies including Supernatural, Harry Styles, YouTube influencers, film location sites, Keanu Reeves, and celebrities as fans, readers find new approaches to fan/celebrity encounters and parasocial relationships. This is the go-to volume on the symbiotic relationship between fame and fandom. 

“Too often fame and fandom have been studied as separate or discrete phenomena. In this groundbreaking edited collection not only are they powerfully brought together, but their manifestations and mutations are explored in both on and offline spaces. Transnational and contemporaneous in nature, with a wonderful set of case studies, Fame and Fandom will be on every serious celebrity and fandom scholar’s bookshelves by the end of the year.”—Sean Redmond, Deakin University 

“I was highly impressed by this book and its scope, focus, and standard of scholarship. The research here asks new questions, vitally challenging some of the assumptions and work that has come before. Overall, this work makes a beautifully strong and valuable contribution to fan and celebrity studies.”—Lucy Bennett, Cardiff University 

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