Twenty-five years and many acres after planting his first patch of prairie flowers, naturalist and photographer Carl Kurtz is recognized by many as one of the deans of the great prairie revival.

In A Practical Guide to Prairie Reconstruction, Kurtz outlines the procedures and problems involved in reintroducing tallgrass prairie to landscapes large and small, giving a formula for success for all but the most extreme conditions. In chapters on seed selection and harvest, site selection, soil preparation, seeding, postplanting mowing, burning, and growth and development, the book provides a step-by-step guide to creating a diverse and well-established prairie community.

With twenty of Kurtz's own beautiful and informative color photographs illustrating the text, this handsome guide will prove indispensable whether you are restoring your back yard or your back forty.

Published for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, the Iowa Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Step-by-step guide to prairie restoration from site selection through burning

20 color photographs

Conservation guidelines from The Nature Conservancy

Reference list of Midwest seed sources and services and books on prairie plant restoration and identification

“ …a visually pleasing booklet that provides a readable and understandable introduction to prairie and the general steps in carrying out a reconstruction. The short, focused chapters clearly outline each topic from the components of a natural prairie to the various results of a prairie planting. This brevity will provide readers with even the most casual interest in prairie a good understanding of what to look forward to in pursuing a reconstruction of their own.”—The Prairie Enthusiast

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70 pages
24 color photos, 2 maps