In this fully revised and greatly expanded edition of his 1979 The Theatre of Meyerhold, Edward Braun draws upon newly released archival documents—including secret police files—to take us through the journey of this extraordinary life of experiment and discovery. He traces the major influences upon Meyerhold during his formative years, moves on to examine his artistic activities in the changing aesthetic, social, and political environment of the day, and in the end stages for us the final personal drama of his life, played out against the Soviet bureaucracy.

“…theatre students of today and tomorrow will owe Braun a debt for his scrupulous scholarship in this new appraisal…Braun illustrates not only the creative genius of an innovator, but the price paid both professionally and personally for such innovation…essential reading for all students of history.”—Theatre Research International
“Braun has produced a work that is as much about what is arguably one of the most important periods in the cultural politics of twentieth-century theatre, as it is a biography of the man …This is a book that is not only immensely 'readable,' but essential reading for those people who wish to gain a greater understanding of the growth of culture—and its contradictions—in twentieth-century Europe.”—Theatre History Studies

1. 1874-1905 Apprentice Years
2. 1905 The Theatre-Studio
3. 1906-1907 From Symbolism to the Grotesque
4. 1908-1910 Dapertutto Reborn
5. 1911-1917 A Double Life
6. 1917-1921 Revolution and Civil War
7. 1921-1923 Biomechanics and Constructivism
8. 1923-1926 People's Artist
9. 1926 The Government Inspector
10. 1927-1931 The New Repertoire
11. 1932-1938 “The Alien Theatre”
12. 1938-1940 The Final Act

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