Jennifer E. Mack


Jennifer E. Mack has been working in the field of archaeology for more than fifteen years. She has participated in excavations across the United States, as well as in Ireland, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Her lifelong interest in burial grounds began with her childhood explorations of cemeteries like St. Michael’s and St. John’s in her hometown of Pensacola, Florida. Though she is happy digging any kind of site, she specializes in excavating and researching historic American graveyards. Human osteology is her other vocation. While at the University of Iowa, she analyzed human remains from Bolores, a Neolithic rock-cut tomb in Portugal, as well as the materials from the Third Street Cemetery. When not working on projects elsewhere, Jennifer still lives in Pensacola.

Photo credit: Ryan Singleton and Courtney Swenson

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Jennifer E. Mack