Originally published in 1978, The Worlds between Two Rivers intentionally reflected a wide spectrum of views on Native Americans in Iowa: those of Native Americans themselves and of Euro-Americans, those of laypeople, and those of professional educators, social scientists, and humanists. Now, more than twenty years later, this expanded edition reflects the far-reaching and complicated changes for American Indians in this region.

Two new essays—one discussing the issues surrounding the reburial of disinterred American Indian skeletal remains and the repatriation of bones and cultural objects, the other dealing with the native people from whom the state of Iowa took its name—express not only the continuing American Indian presence in Iowa but also extend the bridge for non-Indian people to better understand those Iowans who represent the state's first nations.

“This collection of essays illustrates the riches obtainable from combining the ideas and experiences of academics, social service people, and native Americans themselves. The editors have done a nice job in selecting and introducing the essays.”—AIQ
“Those concerned with Native American education will find the entire book useful, especially the chapters by Owana McLester-Greenfield, Adeline Wanatee, Michael Husband and Gary Koerselman, Reuben Snake and Donald Graham. The book is especially good in its treatment of the Mesquakie.”—Western American Literature

Preface to the Revised Edition
1. American Indian Literature: Contexts for Understanding by Fred McTaggart
2. The Image of the American Indian in Film by Charles L. P. Silet
3. The Unknown Past: Sources for History Education and the Indians of Iowa by L. Edward Purcell
4. The Native American Experience in Iowa: An Archaeological Perspective by David Mayer Gradwohl
5. Mesquakie History-As We Know It by Bertha Wasekuk
6. The Red Earth People in 1905: A Photographic Essay by Duren J. H. Ward
7. The Lion, Fleur-de-lis, the Eagle, or the Fox: A Study of Government by Donald Wanatee
8. Urbanization of the American Indian: One Man's View by Reuben Snake
9. Educated or Indian? (Either/Or) by Owana McLester-Greenfield
10. Education, the Family, and the Schools by Adeline Wanatee
11. The American Indian in Sioux City: A Historical Overview by Michael Husband and Gary Koerselman
12. The American Indian and Ethnicity in Iowa's Future by Joseph Hraba
13. Reflections of an Indian by Donald Graham
14. Give Me Back My People's Bones: Repatriation and Reburial of American Indian Skeletal Remains in Iowa by Maria D. Pearson
15. A Closing Circle: Musings on the Ioway Indians in Iowa by Lance M. Foster
The American Indian in Iowa: A Selected Bibliography by Gretchen M. Bataille
Selected Updated Bibliography by Gretchen M. Bataille
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