This is the story of the Garrison family, who live in Lents, an outer neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. At the heart of it all, there are the three Garrison sisters: Sara, the eldest, a fiery soccer star on the precipice of pulling herself out of the life of poverty she’s always known; Elaine, shy and struggling with the weight she carries both physically and mentally; and Rachel, a reader and poet whose imagination stalls at trying to picture a better life.

As the Garrisons struggle to communicate with each other, as they battle self-doubts and self-sabotage, they too draw on a fierce shared strength that allows them to push back at the reality that’s been handed to them. Each Garrison fights to hold on to their dignity—often through daily acts of grace and good humor, to say nothing of quiet perseverance—and to prove to themselves and each other that they shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Tigers of Lents is a rich exploration of class, neighborhood, and, especially, the bonds—frayed, inescapable—of a family through time. Traveling with the Garrison sisters is an emotionally fraught and rewarding experience, deepened by detailed evocation of place and time, as well as a soundtrack that ranges from the Pet Shop Boys to Ratt to Jelly Roll Morton. I believe in these people. I worry about and hope for them.”—Peter Rock, author, My Abandonment

“It’s clear that Mark Pomeroy has talent as a fiction writer and skill with language. His writing is fresh and direct. He writes very well.”—Kent Haruf, author, Plainsong

“Emotional and detailed, a slice of life and deep exploration of place, The Tigers of Lents is an exciting read you won’t want to miss.”—Active Media Publishing, The Mountain Times

“Pomeroy has a keen eye for detail and a capacious understanding of integrity. Choices, setbacks, small but significant triumphs—all are woven into this powerful story about the modern-day working class.”— Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Our Coast Magazine

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