From her work's first appearance under the Imagist label to its later development in innovative long poems and prose, H.D.'s excellence was recognized by her peers as well as her successors. H.D. and Poets After is the first book to explore her influence on contemporary American poetry.

Twenty essays—half by eminent American poets writing about their literary engagement with H.D. and half by critics writing about H.D. in relation to these same poets—provide a fruitful exchange of perceptions and interpretations. The dialogue between these two perspectives—the first autobiographical testimony and the second critical analysis by scholars attuned to both modern and contemporary poetries and poetics—calls into question both traditional notions of literary criticism and earlier theories of literary influence.

The volume includes a range of contemporary responses to H.D.'s work—from Alicia Ostriker's radical eroticism to Brenda Hillman's epistemological restlessness to Carolyn Forché's response to moral disasters of the century. H.D. and Poets After demonstrates key aspects of the poet's continuing importance as a "poet's poet" in the best sense.

“…these essays offer a fascinating case study in the complex nature of poetic influence and the many ways that a single poet's work can speak to very diverse audiences. ”—Jeff Gundy, Foreword
“(Hollenberg's) basic organizing principle should be adopted as a peace initiative that might actually bring the warring camps of poet and critic into accord for mutual pleasure and gain.”—David Kirby, Library Journal

Alicia Ostriker
Donna Krolik Hollenberg
Robert Kelly
Jane Augustine
Sharon Doubiago
Kathleen Crown
Frances Jaffer
Kim Vaeth
Rachel Blau Duplessis
Burton Hatlen
Kathleen Fraser
Cynthia Hogue
Brenda Hillman
Aliki Barnstone
Leslie Scalapino
Elisabeth A. Frost
Nathaniel Mackey
Adalaide Morris
Carolyn Forché
Eileen Gregory

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