If it seems like everyone you know is playing Dungeons & Dragons, it’s because they are! After nearly five decades, the iconic roleplaying game is more popular than ever. Famous Hollywood actors and directors, therapists, educators, politicians, kids, parents, and grandparents all count themselves as fans. In Welcome to Dragon Talk, hosts of the official D&D podcast Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito and their surprising guests show how this beloved pastime has amassed a diverse, tight-knit following of players who defy stereotypes. 
Shelly and Greg recount some of their most inspiring interviews and illuminate how their guests use the core tenets of the game in everyday life. An A-list actor defends D&D by baring his soul (and his muscles) on social media. A teacher in a disadvantaged district in Houston creates a D&D club that motivates students to want to read and think analytically. A writer and live-streamer demonstrates how D&D–inspired communication breaks barriers and empowers people of color. Readers will see why Dungeons & Dragons has remained such a pop culture phenomenon and how it has given this disparate and growing community the inspiration to flourish and spread some in-game magic into the real world.


“Shelly and Greg are the Regis and Kathie Lee of Dungeons & Dragons (or Kelly and Ryan, for the younger generation). They’ve been hard at work collecting the backstories of all the game’s biggest names from long before its modern renaissance, and this book is a fun and heartfelt peek behind the curtain at the game’s current champions and eccentric personalities.”—Joe Manganiello, actor, writer, producer, D&D collaborator, disciple of Tiamat

“From education to interpersonal growth to creating lasting friendships and more, the many uplifting values of D&D are recounted wonderfully by Shelly and Greg, who have grown with the game and with their many Dragon Talk interviews. This is a truly enjoyable, uplifting, and educational read . . . just like playing D&D!”—R. A. Salvatore, author, Glacier’s Edge

“Greg and Shelly know that a game is only as good as its gamers. Through Dragon Talk they've been able to boost voices and raise awareness on how creative and inventive the Dungeons & Dragons community can be. Always engaging and entertaining, Dragon Talk is at the forefront of what D&D is right now and hopefully will be far into the future, and Welcome to Dragon Talk is a gladly received addition.”—Jim Zub, comic writer, AvengersConan the BarbarianDungeons & Dragons

"Welcome to Dragon Talk highlights the fascinating history of Dungeons & Dragons and the multitude of ways it continues to impact the cultural zeitgeist. Mazzanoble and Tito have expertly crafted this book of essays . . . bring[ing] a fascinating examination of the game—part historical survey, part airing of skeletons, part cheerleader. This book will appeal to many different audiences and is accessible for those who have never played and want to learn why people love to talk about D&D."—Booklist 

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