For many, the words “Dungeons & Dragons” conjure a fuzzy image, most likely of teenage boys in a dim basement hunched over a tabletop game. In Welcome to Dragon Talk, Shelly Mazzanoble, Greg Tito, and their surprising guests bring a different image into focus, offering: What if those boys were girls? Were famous actors? Were educators, therapists, and politicians? After nearly five decades, Dungeons & Dragons is more popular than ever and has drawn together a community that defies stereotypes.

In this collection, the hosts of Dragon Talk, the official D&D podcast, recount some of the most inspiring stories from their guests. All use the core tenets of the game in their everyday life. A teacher in a disadvantaged district in Houston creates a D&D club that motivates students to want to read and think analytically. A writer and streamer shows how D&D–inspired communication skills break barriers and empower people of color. Readers will see how D&D has given this disparate and growing community the inspiration to flourish in their careers and spread some of that in-game magic in real life—and how you can too.

“Shelly and Greg are the Regis and Kathie Lee of Dungeons & Dragons (or Kelly and Ryan, for the younger generation). They’ve been hard at work collecting the backstories of all the game’s biggest names from long before its modern renaissance, and this book is a fun and heartfelt peek behind the curtain at the game’s current champions and eccentric personalities.”—Joe Manganiello, actor, writer, producer, D&D collaborator, disciple of Tiamat

“From education to interpersonal growth to creating lasting friendships and more, the many uplifting values of D&D are recounted wonderfully by Shelly and Greg, who have grown with the game and with their many Dragon Talk interviews. This is a truly enjoyable, uplifting, and educational read . . . just like playing D&D!”—R. A. Salvatore, author, Glacier’s Edge

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