It is in the spirit of the LZ that the essayists in Fourteen Landing Zones approach the writings of the Vietnam War. These fourteen diverse and powerful works by some of today's leading critics in Vietnam studies begin to answer the question of how we will filter the writings of the Vietnam War—including fiction, poetry, drama, and memoirs. What will survive the process of critical acclaim and societal affirmation—and why? Included is an incisive introduction by Jason that provides an overview of the burgeoning body of Vietnam War literature and its peculiar life in the literary and academic marketplace. This strong, often emotional volume will be of particular importance to all those interested in the literature of the Vietnam War, contemporary literature, and contemporary culture and history.

"…a significant contribution to the study of the literature of the Vietnam War…Phil Jason's collection not only continues a critical dialogue but, in some instances, will also change the direction of the discussion."—William J. Searle
"…a solid book, combining sound traditional scholarship with challenging and innovative approaches to Vietnam writing as yet untried in critical media…the volume contributes significantly, I believe, to our critical literature on Vietnam writing."—Philip D. Beidler

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